Appointments to the Board of the Low Pay Commission

The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill three positions on the Low Pay Commission.

Candidates must demonstrate in their application relevant expertise, at an appropriately senior level, under one of the following areas: -

A. Experience representing the interests of employers:

Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the interests of employers, particularly small to medium-sized employers and those operating in traditionally low pay sectors.


Experience which demonstrates an excellent knowledge and understanding of the specific issues faced by Irish businesses, particularly in relation to labour costs and competitiveness.

B. Experience representing the interests of employees:

Applicants for this role must have experience which demonstrates a deep understanding of the interests of low-paid workers


Experience of working on behalf of workers’ interests or representing workers, particularly low-paid workers, and a proven track record in an advocacy or representational role on behalf of the low paid.

C. Independent Member – Appropriate academic experience:

Applicants must demonstrate in their application a strong professional reputation, with knowledge and expertise in relation to economics and labour market economics in particular.


Demonstrable knowledge of employment law and proven competence in analysing and evaluating economic research and statistics.


In addition, all candidates should have a career history which demonstrates that they possess the following essential characteristics:

- Be open-minded strategic thinkers, able to bring their own experience to bear on issues under discussion;

- Have a commitment to an evidence-based approach, and the capacity to appreciate the implications of complex and multi-faceted evidence;

- Be able to extract the essence of an argument from papers or presented evidence.

- Have the ability to make important and difficult objective decisions within fixed timeframes, whilst maintaining independence of mind;

- Be able to challenge constructively the opinions of others, work to achieve a shared consensus and accept collective responsibility;

- Have excellent communication skills, both oral and written, and be able to express themselves clearly and succinctly; and

- Be able to work as part of a team and with a small secretariat, and have a proven track record of collaborative working.

Please Note: Closing date for receipt of applications is 3.00pm on Wednesday 22nd August 2018.


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