Appointment as Chairperson to the Board of the Irish Aviation Authority

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport now invites applications for the role as Chairperson of the Board of the Irish Aviation Authority.

The key roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson include the following:

-leading the Board and ensuring the Board operates effectively;
-ensuring the effective management of the Board agenda and adequate discussion of matters at meetings;
-ensuring that there is proper governance and thorough oversight, effective and informed decision making, full participation, evaluation, open discussion, and Board cohesiveness;
-leading communications with the Minister/Shareholder and ensuring there is appropriate and timely communication based on mutual understanding of objectives;
-advising the CEO, monitoring his/her performance and overseeing succession planning and/or the process of appointing the CEO;
-ensuring there is an effective Board sub-committee structure and chairing and participating in sub-committees as appropriate;
-engaging with and supporting individual Board members to enhance Board activities and discussions;
-empowering all members of the Board to challenge issues openly while preventing unnecessary or acrimonious conflict
-Encouraging and managing vigorous debate while achieving closure on issues;
-Advising the Shareholder on the appropriate balance of skills, experience, independence and knowledge required on the Board.

The Chairperson of the Board is expected to display high standards of integrity and probity and set expectations regarding the culture, values and behaviours and the style and tone of Board discussions.


The successful candidate must clearly demonstrate in her/his application evidence of experience of:

-serving in positions of leadership at an appropriately senior level;
-track record of delivering innovative solutions and commercial initiatives in their field;
-a career history which would demonstrate an awareness of the importance of a strong corporate governance ethos within a company;
-proven ability to challenge management and demand accountability;
-demonstrable understanding of a regulatory environment and the importance of safety.

Evidence of active involvement, or a leading role in a private sector or commercial enterprise would be highly desirable.

It is also desirable that applicants have significant financial skills/experience, inclusive of risk management. Previous experience in the aviation industry is not essential.

Closing Date: 15:00 on 1st June 2018


18101310_Final Information Booklet Chair, IAA.pdf