Appointment of Expert Advisory Committee to Culture Ireland

The Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is seeking to fill the role of Chair and at least 4 other positions on the Expert Advisory Committee to Culture Ireland.  In order to ensure that there is an appropriate balance of skills on the Committee and, in particular, to ensure that there is a strong presence and perspective from the culture sector, future appointments will be focussed on those with specialist knowledge of the contemporary arts sector.  Appointments will be made on the basis of achieving representation of a broad range of art forms.

The position of Chair will be filled by a person of standing in the arts and culture sector.

The Minister welcomes applications representative of the diversity of the Irish population and from candidates based abroad, who possess the necessary skills.
It is essential that all candidates have either:

- 5 years' professional experience working in the arts sector


- specialist working knowledge of one of the art forms as defined in the Arts Act, 2003;


- a demonstrated prior commitment to significant support of the Irish arts sector.

It is desirable that all candidates possess:

- A strong understanding of the Irish arts and culture sector.
- Sound knowledge of the arts and contemporary arts environment.
- A broad understanding of international promotion of the arts.
- An understanding of good practice relating to awarding grants in the arts or cultural sector.
- The ability to communicate effectively, work as part of a team and act as a strong advocate for Culture Ireland's strategy.

Expressions of interest are invited from members of the public to join the Expert Advisory Committee of Culture Ireland, who possess the above skills and have direct experience in working in any of the artforms as defined in the Arts Act, 2003 and a proven track record of working in the arts sector.  Appointments will be skills and experience based and reflect general and cultural interests.

Applications (CV and Cover Letter) should be sent to by Wednesday 17th January 2018.


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