Appointments to the Board of the Arts Council

The Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill 3 positions on the Board of the Arts Council.

Candidates must demonstrate evidence of experience at an appropriately senior level in any one of the following areas:-

A. Business/Management

Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of:

• Senior management business/management experience including experience of HR, industrial relations and/or
• Strategy development and change management within a complex organisation/environment

B. Young People, Children and Education

Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of:

• A professional/academic background which demonstrates an understanding of the role of the arts in supporting the artistic and personal development of young people and children and/or
• A professional/academic background which demonstrates a knowledge of the formal, non-formal or third-level education system and structures in Ireland and the place of the arts within it and/or
• Experience of advocating the role of the arts in the lives of children and young people in public policy making in Ireland.

C. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Candidates must demonstrate in their application evidence of:

• Experience of advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in public services nationally or internationally specifically in the arts and/or
• Direct experience of participation in or delivering programmes and/or projects with minority groups/new communities/disadvantaged groups.

It is desirable that all applicants demonstrate evidence of the following:
• Understanding and knowledge of the arts sector in Ireland.
• Experience of Board Membership
• Understanding of the role of a state agency and the compliance responsibilities for board members.

Please Note: The legislation underpinning the Board specifies that the Arts Council should, at any time, have at least six members who are women and six who are men, the remaining place can be taken by either gender.  Please note that appointments will be made with regard to this requirement.  Therefore, whilst the three existing vacancies on the Arts Council are required by legislation to be filled by females, a panel will be put in place for up to 12 months from the date appointments are made, from which any additional vacancies that may arise will be filled.

Closing Date: 15:00 on 3rd September 2019


19181300_Arts Council Final Information Booklet 3.pdf