Appointments of Lay Members of the Complaints Committee of the Legal Services Regulatory Authority

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority, the LSRA, was established under the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015 (“the 2015 Act”) as the new and independent statutory body responsible for the regulation of the provision of legal services by legal practitioners (both solicitors and barristers) and for ensuring the maintenance and improvement of standards in the provision of such services in the State.

The LSRA invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for appointment to one of the lay member positions on the Complaints Committee panel.

In appointing lay persons to be members of the Complaints Committee, the Authority must be satisfied that those members are independent of the professional bodies as defined by the 2015 Act i.e. the Law Society, the Honorable Society of King’s Inns and the Council of the Bar of Ireland. 

“Lay person” is defined under section 2(3) of the 2015 Act as follows:

“For the purposes of this Act, a person is a lay person on a particular date if, on that date, he or she-
(a) is not a practising solicitor or a practising barrister, and
(b) where he or she has previously been a practising solicitor or a practising barrister, he or she-
 (i) has not been such in the period of 5 years immediately preceding that date, and
 (ii) did not cease to be such as a result of a sanction imposed on him or her by a body that was authorised to require him or her to cease such practice.”

All candidates must meet the definition of a lay person at the time of application and throughout their tenure as lay members of the Complaints Committee.

All candidates must also demonstrate knowledge in or expertise of, at an appropriately senior level, one or more of the following:
• the provision of legal services,
• the maintenance of standards in a profession (including those regulated by a statutory body),
• the investigation and consideration of complaints relating to services, or
• the interests of consumers of legal services.

Applications (including a CV and cover letter) should be made electronically by e-mail to

Closing date for applications is 3pm Friday 13th September 2019.


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